Wounded Warrior Project Actively Transitioning Returning Veterans Foremost Into All Areas of Transport & Logistics Sector

Wounded Warrior Project Actively Transitioning Returning Veterans Foremost Into All Areas of Transport & Logistics Sector

Indianapolis, Ind. - February 5, 2014 – Last month marked a milestone forWounded Warrior Project® (WWP) and the cold chain logistics industry. Inpartnership with Flagship Logistics Group, WWP helped staff one of the first ofhopefully many ADA exceeding facilities built by a Top 100 Third Party Logisticsprovider.

Alongside WWP were the following organizations on hand to provide support forthe grand opening, and Flagship Logistics Group would like to thank every one ofthese organizations for their support of both the company’s newly hired veteransas well as Flagship’s endeavors to support veterans and their families in asignificant and meaningful way. Dignitaries from the state and city, and activeduty military command as well as multiple support organizations that providecritical services to support military veterans and their families were on hand.

Those at the launch included dignitaries from the Indianapolis Chamber ofCommerce, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, the VeteransAdministration, Jim Morrison, Director of Veteran Opportunity for the Office ofIndiana Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann; a representative for Senator JoeDonnelly; the Deputy Director from Indiana’s Department of Veteran Affairs RussEaglin; State Command Sergeant Major James Gordon from the National Guard,and other dignitaries from Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Army, Marines, 3GTMS,Paul Chapa, Founder of Food Industry Serving Heroes, and on hand speaking for WWP were veterans Jason Braase as well as David Doughtery and JoeFranzese.

“We hope every aspect of this launch put a spotlight for the logistics andtransportation industry as a whole on where the needs lie for our veterans – andwithin the industry,” said Flagship Logistics Group CEO and CREO OperatingPartner Bob Moran. “Additionally, and probably most important to me, I wanted tobe sure that the voices of our veterans and all the hard work of those who aredoing so much selflessly to support our heroes were heard in this launch. Somany have served unfailingly and at great sacrifice.”

Through its Warriors to Work Program, WWP works hand in hand with returningveterans and with companies all over the U.S. to place returning veterans andtheir families, providing all possible transition support and services to be able tomake a successful transition back into civilian lives.

“You know, every day, in every way, my life just keeps getting better and better,”noted Braase in his opening remarks.

The launch provided a platform for those involved to share a bit of theirexperiences and their stories, and bring home what really happens when aveteran comes home from active combat. In describing their time while on tourof duty, Braase and other veterans at the launch described what their days werelike, and also the positive impact they were able to have where they could:whether creating better infrastructure through medical help; implementation ofproper sewage systems for civilians’ homes; provision to locals of clean watersystems, and more. Braase cited having had “the amazing privilege of escortingover a million ballots for the first Iraqi democratic election.”

WWP will continue to work closely with Flagship Logistics Group and is availableto work with any company within the transport and logistics sector that isinterested in deploying returning veterans into civilian roles that match their skillsets and expertise through the Warriors to Work program. There are manyveterans not yet home who look forward to knowing they will be welcomed homewith open arms, and by companies needing them, and ready to meet their needs.


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Wounded Warrior Project is recognizing its ten-year anniversary, reflecting on adecade of service and reaffirming its commitment to serving Wounded Warriorsfor their lifetime. The mission of Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is to honorand empower Wounded Warriors. WWP’s purpose is to raise awareness and toenlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members, to help injuredservicemen and women aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, directprograms and services to meet their needs. WWP is a national, nonpartisanorganization headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. To get involved and learnmore, visit www.woundedwarriorproject.org.