Join in our passion!

The Flagship journey began in 2005 when a group of entrepreneurs acquired a small retail food business, Oh! Boy® Foods, in Los Angeles, California. Through years of hard work, determination, and collaboration with great partners, Flagship has grown into a global, diversified food business serving virtually every major U.S. retailer and consistently growing its base of innovative, good-for-you, and bold food products.


Today, Flagship’s Lilly B’s™ brand provides 100% organic food products that families actually enjoy eating. Its TJ Farms® line of products is a wide-ranging collection of frozen and shelf stable products sold in over 30,000 retail outlets. Flagship’s Steak ‘n Shake® brand of appetizers and sauces is sold across the country.


Flagship has always had a focus on innovation, and that shines through in its relationships with major retailers that seek R&D-focused supply partners. Flagship has developed dozens of on-trend, highly successful private label offerings for the most coveted and successful private label lines in the country.


Flagship has developed a complete line of services for other food companies to help drive their bottom lines. From innovative, turn-key packaging design and printing solutions to out-sourced transportation and warehouse services, Flagship works with some of the country’s leading food manufacturers.

Becoming an Industry Leader

Using a “buy and build” strategy, Flagship has successfully brought over a dozen businesses together under a single enterprise with the objective of providing a wide range of services and products to the industry that we love – food. Our divisional businesses continue to enjoy an entrepreneurial environment and we continue to foster relationships with companies both big and small. On a corporate level, we have the resources, talent pool, and breadth to be a reliable, long-term partner with our customers and suppliers.

Flagship Food Group