Flagship Food Group

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The Flagship journey began in 2005 when a group of entrepreneurs acquired a small retail food business, Oh! Boy® Foods, in Los Angeles, California. Through years of hard work, determination, and collaboration with great partners, Flagship has grown into a global, diversified food business serving virtually every major U.S. retailer and consistently growing its base of innovative, good-for-you, and bold food products.

We Start With Research & Development.

Flagship is a company that this fully dedicated to R&D. We spend millions of dollars each year in our innovation centers in Boise and Los Angeles to develop gamechanging products for our brands and our private label customers. In 2017, we launched over 34 new items and drove nearly $50 million in new revenue from products that we developed in our test kitchens. Simply put, innovation is at the heart of our business, and it is what sets us apart.

An Innovator in Organics and Natural.

The Flagship team became involved in Organics before most people knew what the word meant. Today, Flagship is one of the largest suppliers of organic products to a major US food retail chain. Its Lilly B’s brand is dedicated to 100% organic offerings, and its 505 Southwestern line of sauces and salsas are 100% non-GMO with simple ingredient decks.

Join In Our Passion!

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