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505 Southwestern
It all begins with authentic Hatch Valley, New Mexico green chiles...

Salsas & Sauces

Known for their unique and robust flavor profile, Hatch Valley green chiles create the best, most flavorful salsas & sauces in the world.

  • Extra Fresh – Our chiles are picked, flame-roasted & flash-frozen during harvest.
  • All Natural – We use only natural ingredients to preserve the just-picked flavor.
  • Gluten Free – We use rice flour as a binder where necessary, not wheat
  • Zero Trans Fat – Only natural vegetables, spices, herbs and fruits are used.
  • Non-GMO – Our ingredients are all Non-GMO Certified

A healthy and delicious way to spice up your next meal..

With more than dozen varieties available nationwide, our salsas & sauces can add bold New Mexico flavor to just about any meal.

Hand-Held Entrees & Appetizers

Our frozen, hand-held entrée line takes Hatch Valley green chiles in a tasty, new direction.

Authentic New Mexico Flavor On-the-Go

505 Southwestern® frozen entrees and appetizers were designed and developed around our expertise and passion for amazing sauces and flavors, which are integral parts of all of our frozen recipes. Our commitment to innovation couldn’t be more evident than in our frozen portfolio…from our unique-shaped MexiWraps™ to our street tacos to our MexiLupa™ and MexiPizza™, each item is something new and exciting in a category that yearns for innovation.