Need frozen potatoes in your Private Brand?

Located in the heart of potato country, we have our pulse firmly on the business. We work closely with one of the best retail French fry producers to develop the perfect mix of high quality potatoes that meet consumers purchasing habits.

We are competitive and flexible—ready to work with your team on a fast conversion. We can handle in-house:

  • Artwork design or management
  • Packaging development (pillow, standup, gusseted bags)
  • R&D
  • New product innovation

Commitment to Quality and Value

Private Label

Restaurant Partnerships

While we continue to develop our own brands, we recognize the significant advantage of strategically aligning with nationally recognized brands under licensing or representation agreements. These brands are incorporated into our portfolio as if they were our own, and we work closely with our partners to build and develop these brands internationally via our vertically integrated internal infrastructure and more than 30,000 retail partnerships.

Private Label

Private label products now often set the bar for quality and consistency at the leading retailers. We are proud to have built a large portfolio of these products, including chicken and sauces amongst others, sold at some of America’s best known national retailers.