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Our passion for packaging keeps us apprised of how to deliver cost-effective packaging correctly and on time…every time. Let’s face it, you’re not making money if your products can’t hit the shelves because of packaging delays.

Things to consider:

We have all seen great design work—from print ads, to TV commercials, to packaging. And while most design firms can design packaging, if it is not their specialty you’re likely to get a substandard finished product. Before choosing a design firm, make sure you ask these questions:

  • When is it necessary/appropriate to add additional line colors?
  • Can a graduated color be replicated in my substrate?
  • How will in-store lighting affect the colors?
  • Did you proof wording and size of text to be sure it’s within government regulations?

There are many different substrate options to consider, as not all work with every product. Knowing the answers to these questions will help ensure that costly mistakes are caught before they occur.

Poly Bags

  • Should we surface print or use a laminated structure?
  • Does the consumer prefer Ziploc or Inno-Lok?
  • How do we minimize air evacuation slits?
  • Is upgrading to matte film or matte inks worth the cost?
  • Should I use a gloss varnish and if so, flood or spot?
  • Why are so many colors needed for flexo – PMS/line colors?
  • Does the number of dots per inch really matter when picking a printer?
  • What’s the magic with HD printing?


  • Do we use SUS or SBS for frozen, refrigerated, and dry foods?
  • When do I use bleached versus unbleached board?
  • Recycled board or virgin board?
  • How can I minimize the lead-time for board?
  • Is there a way to minimize our carbon footprint?
  • Can I use recycled materials?


  • Does the consumer favor paper or plastic?
  • Which holds up better in the microwave?
  • Can I achieve my product goal and still be recyclable?

There are many capable printers out there. You’re probably using one right now. However, most printers are specialists in one of these areas: select substrates, line colors, turnaround, or high-volume runs. Finding the right printer—one that can serve all your needs—can be a challenge.

Here are several of the questions you’ll need to ask:

  • How many colors can you print?
  • What line screen do you run?
  • What size packages can your press accommodate?
  • Can I run more than one up?
  • What is your lead-time from press ready artwork?
  • Do you do zippers in house?
  • Do you charge for plates?
  • What are your warehousing payment terms?
  • How long can you store packaging for me?

We have actual examples that our packaging consultation will help you save money and time up front. Just ask us.

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