3PL TransportationNew Thinking in Cold Chain Logistics Management

Between customer requirements, fluctuating market and government regulations, temperature-sensitive shipments have to navigate a complex route. It takes experience, state-of-the-art systems and proactive logistics management to deliver effectively. Flagship Logistics Group understands the definition of logistics and has the technology, experience and carrier relationships to connect every link in your supply chain and cold chain network. We take the stress out of freight logistics by pairing every customer with a dedicated account manager, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies and leave the intricacies of refrigerated transportation management to us. Our shipments have more than a 99% on-time arrival rate and Flagship Logistics Group delivers—from dock to door—seamlessly for you.

Coupling twenty years of temperature-controlled freight management experience with a new vision of servicing the industry makes us innovative leaders in cold chain transportation.

Flagship Logistics Group is a 3PL that specializes in frozen and refrigerated LTL (less than load) transportation. Using strategically located temperature controlled distribution warehouses, regional cross dock/cold storage facilities, and reliable network of temperature-controlled carrier partners, Flagship Logistics Group has emerged as a leader in cold chain network logistics. Beyond our extensive resources, technical assets, carrier relationships, and exceptional staff is our unique insight and vision for the future of the logistics industry. Our distinctly different view drives genuine innovation resulting in truly revolutionary products and services. Flagship Logistics Group has big plans for its customers and the industry. We hope you’ll join us in our passion.

Freight ManagementThe right carrier, the right truck, the right price. Our goal is on time, every time.

Let’s face it: Anyone can order up a truck; and if a truck was all you needed, you’d be good to go. You need more than a truck. You need a commitment. You need follow-through and a company that stands by its freight service. We excel in obtaining the right contracted carrier and an asset-based solution for your shipment, no matter the requirements. Temperature controlled or dry, LTL, or truckload, white glove service or shuttle service—our clients know they can depend on us to find the right service at the right price, delivered on time.

Our formula for on time every time success includes:

• Dedicated account managers who respond quickly to client needs
• A cutting-edge Transportation Management System (TMS)
• Web-based shipment tracking to provide in-transit visibility for all freight
• Proactive exception management to remedy small issues before they become big problems
• A database that ensures all parties are fully cognizant of your specific shipment requirements

Plus, with a large network of contracted transportation providers, continuous move management, and minimal claims exposure, Flagship Logistics Group provides its customers with the best price and service for each shipment every time. From dock to door, Flagship Logistics Group delivers for you!


Refrigerated and frozen LTL service with very competitive pricing

As specialists in refrigerated LTL (less-than-truckload), we know the frustrations freight managers face with temperature-controlled shipping: costly rates, delivery delays, shipment quality issues, and sketchy customer service. It’s unfortunate—and with Flagship Logistics Group—non-existent. With the Flagship Logistics Group Cold Chain Network you can ship refrigerated/frozen LTL with secure, reliable refrigerated carriers at a fraction of average prices. Using a unique consolidation/deconsolidation model, we provide top tier refrigerated logistics at some of the lowest rates in the industry—and support it with outstanding customer service.

The Flagship Logistics Group Cold Supply Chain Transportation Network

A national network of five cold storage warehouses streamlines consolidation/deconsolidation operations, resulting in some of the lowest refrigerated LTL freight rates available
Secure, sanitary transport by the highest quality refrigerated/frozen carriers for more timely deliveries and greater product safety
• Shortened delivery times – increases product shelf life
• More efficient sailing schedules – less lead-time and fewer no-shows

No other organization handles refrigerated and frozen shipments better than the Flagship Logistics Group 3PL Cold Chain Transportation Network. Plug into our network and see how good temperature-controlled LTL can be!

CSRConventional wisdom says traffic management is complicated, time-consuming and expensive so much for convention!

It’s true that getting a shipment from point A to point B is not always as simple as it should be for a freight forwarder. Regulations, schedules, carrier and customer requirements, fluctuating markets, cost containment efforts—they can all slow freight operations to a crawl.

Fortunately, Flagship Logistics Group excels in developing flexible, scalable, and efficient on-site programs built around key business and operational needs. We can will create a traffic management solution that streamlines your shipping operations while providing both immediate and long-term savings. Our on-site traffic management customers receive access to our broad carrier network and the highly competitive rates we have negotiated with them.

In addition, all of our traffic management solutions include:

• A dedicated on-site account manager that responds quickly to client needs
• A cutting-edge Transportation Management System (TMS)
• Web-based shipment tracking to provide in-transit visibility for all freight with our shipping companies
• Proactive exception management to remedy small issues before they become big problems
• A comprehensive database to that stores specific shipment requirements unique to everyone in your network

First-rate customer support. Leading edge technology. Client-centric approach. It may be an unconventional approach to logistics management, but it works for us…and our clients.

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