commitment to quality and value

When leading restaurants want quality and consistency in their Hispanic foods, salsa & green chiles, sauces, potatoes, poultry/proteins, and dessert offerings, Flagship delivers. We produce and source a broad range of products from domestic and international partners that meet the exacting specifications of our customers. Beyond manufacturing and distributing, we work with customers from the very beginning to help develop and formulate the perfect products to meet customers’ demands for high quality, consistency, and value. This, along with a strong commitment to product innovation and a true understanding of the specific demands of the market, has led to an impressive growth of this channel.

Flagship Food Group is a respected name in the industry with a prestigious customer base including key players across all segments of the foodservice industry. Driven by our passion for food, we work with the world’s most discerning foodservice distributor, operator and c-store customers to develop, manufacture and deliver global on-trend food solutions. Whether creating a new concept or simply choosing from the wide selection of branded products, Flagship offers a complete menu solution.

When it comes to foodservice menu design, nothing can replace a Chef’s insight and understanding—from the quality and performance of dishes, to practical operational considerations, to the very latest in food trends worldwide. Flagship is renowned for its experience and expertise in these key areas, along with its ability to work closely with customers to develop successful tailored menu solutions. If there is a market opportunity, our highly skilled development teams are always pleased to help turn an idea into a new and innovative menu item.


We sell over 400 SKUs of branded and private label appetizers, entrées, sauces & salsas, and other products in over 30,000 retail stores across North America and Asia.

Industry Services

We collaborate with third-party food customers to solve logistic challenges and reduce supply chain and distribution costs. In addition, we design, print and manage eye-catching consumer packaging.